Integrate Genomics

Knowledge about the genomics of conditions that are part of, or candidates for, routine newborn screening is rapidly advancing. However, the genomics data is often accumulating in clinical and laboratory information systems during the course of clinical care.

Newborn screening researchers are also generating genomic data, and while they are guided by NIH models of data sharing, the ability to easily share and analyze genomic data is not readily available.

To facilitate data sharing and discovery, we are announcing the availability of a new tool called VIVA, which enables a researcher to upload, manage, filter, share, and report genomic variant data in a secure environment. VIVA utilizes a comprehensive bioinformatics pipeline to annotate variants from a collection of over 200 data sources including 1,000 Genome Project and ExAC from the Broad Institute. Researchers are able to share data with colleagues for combined analysis.

We invite you to explore this new tool by registering for Level 1 access to the NBSTRN’s Longitudinal Pediatric Data Resource at .